Are You Ready For Change?

You are tired of suffering in silence.

You are tired of going around the same mountain.

You are tired of not living up to your full potential.

You are looking for a way to become your most authentic self.

You are ready to live life on purpose.

The Confidence Mindset Program is your answer…

Your life is designed by the thoughts you have and the beliefs that you believe.

The ultimate destination on this journey called life is true self acceptance and unconditional love of self.

And in order for you to get there you must evolve and grow which requires you to travel from one place in life to another place in life.

Sometimes a road-map is needed to help provide clear directions so you reach your destination, and that is where The Confidence Mindset Program comes in.

This coaching program will provide you with your own special road-map for your own special journey.


You may think that you do not deserve to have a life filled with peace and happiness because of all the pain you have experienced in life.

You may be feeling hopeless, lost, and stuck wondering how to move forward and just leave the past in the past.

The Confidence Mindset Program is a coaching program that helps you uncover beliefs and thought patterns that are holding you back in life.

It teaches you how to:

process and mange your emotions

decide to make changes

stop being the victim of your life

motivate yourself to get things done

use your brain to create your life

You will learn through a combination of one-on-one coaching, coaching exercises and worksheets, and journaling.

The Confidence Mindset Program is an 18 week coaching program that takes a dive into:






Letting Go

Emotional Management

Belief Systems

Feeling Better

Unconditional Love

Why Join The Confidence Mindset Program?

This programs will give you the tools you need to understand that you are the only person responsible for your own life and happiness. You will learn that you are the expert of your life.


The benefits of this program includes:

Having awareness of your inner thoughts

Facilitates acceptance and understanding of self

Provides clarity and direction

Creating SMART Goals

Provides unbiased feedback and support

Having an accountability partner

The Confidence Mindset Program is the solution for anyone who is tried of just sitting back and passively consuming self-help and wants to start doing the work to change their life.

So, start the process to grow inwardly and become more confident in yourself and your God given abilities to create and enjoy your life on purpose. Because creating your life on purpose takes more than just a positive attitude, it will take a change in your entire mindset.

So what are you going to do? Are you ready for a change?

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Certified Life Coach: Dr. Jeanine Smith

Let Life Is But A Journey help you to always walk into the light because that is where your power lies – IN THE LIGHT…..

Until Next Time Remember That Life Is But A Journey

Client Testimonies

“The biggest fear that I had before completing the Confidence Mindset Program was not getting what I deserved. But while in the Confidence Mindset Program I learned that I have the power to change my life, and with the help of my life coach and this program I am now creating the life I deserve.” Debora Duarte, London, England

“I would definitely recommend the Confidence Mindset Program to anyone struggling with feeling stuck in their lives. By working with my life coach, Jeanine, I learned how to overcome my limiting beliefs, acceptance of myself, forgiving myself and others, and how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts thorough forming believable affirmations. Thank you Jeanine for all of your help. This program changed my life.” Robyn Allred, Spring, Texas