About The Owner

My Journey to Becoming Me…

Hi guys. I am Dr. Jeanine Smith, the founder and owner of Life Is But A Journey.

I was born in Boston, MA, but raised in Holly Springs, MS, which is a small country town that few people have heard about. I attended Rust College and graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Biology. Upon graduating, I decided to continue my education and went on to receive my Doctorate of Chiropractic in Chiropractic Medicine from Texas Chiropractic College.

After 8+ years of being a professional student I was now ready to grow up, so to speak…. I had to figure out who I was without school, without that title of being a student. I needed to find me which meant I had to go out and just live my life. I tried so many different things to figure out what I liked and did not like and during that time I met my husband. It’s funny how life can take you down a different path when you lest expected it. I was not looking for a relationship when I met my husband, because I was trying to be in a real relationship with Jeanine, but he appeared. We married in June of 2011.

Shortly after I was married I became a mother. Motherhood has taught me that I have to model what I want for my child, and becoming a wife has taught me how to love and forgive someone other than myself. I have changed some much while in these relationships, that it is scary. And it is true when women say that if you are not careful you can lose yourself in being a wife and a mom, because I lost myself and I began to create a life that I no longer recognized.

But in the midst of a very difficult time for me, when my confidence and self-esteem was at an all time low, God called me to become a life coach. I questioned God, and for a lot time I just did nothing. But God has a plan for my life and every up and down led me here to you guys.

Thus, through a lot of soul searching, self awareness, and holding myself accountable I was able to receive healing in my heart. I gained more confidence and self-esteem to change those things in my life that needed to changed to create the life that I wanted.  I had to learn to stop giving my power away to other people. God used my life to show me how to show others to do the same thing – created their life on purpose. I am anointed to teach people that the confidence and self-esteem that they need is within themselves.  Hence, I equip them with the tools they need to become their most authentic self and to live their life with purpose and passion.

Me and my son

My Inspiration

My mommy – Evia Dessie Spight

Life Is But A Journey is a company that truly believes in giving back. I use my platform to also bring awareness to various health issues that affect many communities, and to stand up to cancer.

My mother passed away many years ago from colorectal cancer. She was my bestfriend and when she passed away I was so devastated. I cannot even explain how much pain I felt the day I lost my mom. After the funeral was over, and everything was all settled and done, I made a decision to find a way to honor my mother.

To honor of my mother I create and sell heath awareness accessories. Each health awareness accessory is made by hand and is connected to a certain chronic illness that affects so many communities around the world. Half of the proceeds from the sale of the accessories are donated to the American Cancer Society to help in the fight of cancer. 

Go check out the JAccessories Page now and purchase a health awareness accessory today.

My Final Thoughts

Change can only happens in the world by changing the person that you see in the mirror first. I am here to help you achieve your goals and create your life on purpose. If you are ready to start your journey of empowerment, increasing your confidence, and feeling better in your skin please schedule your free consultation call today. Learn more about The Confidence Mindset Program and how it can help you have a better relationship with yourself today.

Until next time remember that Life Is But A Journey….. 

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