My Weight Lost Journey: 2 Years and 299 Days

GOD is good……. Okay guys remember when I said that I decided to let God guide me on my weight lost journey instead of doing it the world’s way, and all I can say is that my GOD is good. So, it has been a full week since I started to continue my weight lost journey with God and I see results on the scale. Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: 2 Years and 299 Days”

My Weight Lost Journey: A Date With Myself


Hey guys… I know, long time no hear from and I know that you all have been waiting for my updates. Well, I have a lot to share with you all and I hope my journey will help you on your journey. So, as you probably can tell from the title, I went on a date with myself. I know a lot of people would say why would you want to go on a date by your self? And my response to that question¬†is-if I can’t be alone¬†with myself how can I except someone else to be with me? Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: A Date With Myself”

My Weight Lost Journey: 694 Days-1Year 362 Days

Guys, I have so much to talk about that I don’t know where to start. So, I guess I should start at the beginning right? Right…. Well, guys I was laid off from my job of 11 years (Westwood College closed their doors). Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: 694 Days-1Year 362 Days”

Relationships: They All Take Work….

Merriam-Webster defines a relationship as the state of being related or interrelated; the relation connecting or binding participants in a relationship; a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealing; and a romantic or passionate attachment. And as I have grown I have learned that a relationship is exactly how it is defined. I have learned that as I get older relationship get more complicated and few.When I was in high school I had so many friends, and I had a few guys that was interested in me. But growing up I was a shy and quiet girl, until I joined the basketball team. When I started playing basketball it seemed like more people began to notice me, and I began to form more relationships. The more new relationships that I formed the more my older relationship were tested. This was my first experience with jealousy and I am still experiencing it today at the age of 34. But at my current age it seems like the experiences are getting harder and louder, and I still don’t know how to handle the situation. Maybe that is why I keep going through the same situation but with different relationships.

Being some one’s daughter and sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, a co-worker, and so on, changes as you grow and change. I thought that things would stay the same or get better as I grew up, but things just seem to get more complicated. When I was in high school I did not have to work so hard at a relationship, and now it seems like I have to work extra hard to let everyone in my life know that I care about them. But I must say that I have fewer friends and the one relationship that should be priority seems to be pushed to the side, and that is my relationship with God. Through everything that I have been through, every experience, God has always been there. God never changes, no mare how I change and grow; and for that I am so relived. He is the one thing, the only thing that has been constant and I have consistently pushed Him to the side. I am beginning to see that I must nourish the relationship between God, because it is that relationship that teaches me how to better for the other relationships, and how to let go of some relationships.

Because every relationship that you form takes work to grow it and to maintain, but if you focus on the one relationship that matters, the relationship between you and God, then the other relationship will all work out for your good. I really would like to hear about your experiences with relationships, so spill it. Until next time….