Let’s Live In The Moment

Why do we look back to the past?

In school we are taught history (the stories of the past experiences) in order to learn lessons and gain wisdom from what took place during that time, good and bad. But some where along our journey, as we grew into adults, we stopped learning from the past and started to use the past as a weapon against ourself. We begin to see our mistakes as evidence that we are not worthy to have what we desire, or that we are not capable of creating what we desire.

History, the stories of past experiences, for all of us trigger painful emotions and because we have not been taught how to process through painful emotions our brain interprets what happened and tell us how to stay safe and survive. So, instead of us learning the lessons that we need to learn from our past so that we can elevate to our highest self, we build up internal walls that keeps us stuck.

The past is the past and it happened just the way it was suppose to happen, the only reason that we should look back into the past is the learn the amazing lesson it has to teach us. And when we begin to do that we will be able to move forward in life while enjoying the moments of our life.

Why do we look to the future?

Now, the future is something that we are always creating. There is so much potential in the future, right. Things will be so much brighter and happier in the future. So, we wait for the future to experience happiness. We work so hard, and sacrifice so much because the future will be better then the now. But what we don’t realize is that if we constantly looking back feeling the pain of our past, the only thing we will do is create a future just like the past.

The future is something that we are creating and it should fill us we hope and joy when we THINK ABOUT IT. But in order to manifest the future that we are dreaming of we MUST FEEL the hope and joy in the now. Our future is what we use to push us, but that does not mean it is better it is just the future. There is not better then here because here has so much to give that we will need in the future.

Why Live In The Present?

When you live in the present moments of your life you are actually learning how to be you. You are fully experiencing you. For some of us learning ourselves does not feel safe, so we fight and resist the present moment by doing anything but think, feel, and process. We either fight what happened to us or we are dreaming of the future.

In order to learn from the past and to create the future we must EMBRACE the present. Your past brought you to this present moment, but it is in the present moment that you create the future. Once you learn how to embrace and love your present moment, your higher future self will begin to form.

Stop fighting your and stop rushing to the future, appreciate the now and LIVE IN THE MOMENT…

Guys here are some picture I took from my son’s 10th birthday, I enjoyed myself so much and I created special memories with my family that I would not have made if I was fight my past or rushing to the future.

On my way to play son’s 10th birthday party
Husband and son
Lee has a good golf stance…
He made the shot…
The Smith Family – creating memories together in the now…

Now you may ask how do you live in the moment, and I will say that is a great question. First, you have to decide that you want to live in the moment. But here is what I do live in the moment:

  • If you are going out and you want to take pictures, set aside picture time and take pictures during that time.
  • Put your cell phone and all electronics away
  • Focus on the moment you are in by making eye contact with the people you are with, and being engaged in the conversation
  • When you find yourself drifting out into the future with your thoughts, take a breath and bring your attention back to the moment

Living in the moment takes practice so do not get discourage or beat yourself up for drifting off into the future plans. Just notice that you drifted away mentally and gently bring yourself back to the present. The more you practice living in the moment the better you will become at living in the moment. Stop running from the moments of your life, start saying okay and live in them.

Until next time remember that Life Is But A Journey…. Bye guys.

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