My Weight Loss Journey: Day 568-1 Year and 204 Days

I know that it has been awhile since my last post, but when I say that I have been busy-I have been busy. What have I been so busy with you may ask; and my answer would be life-every day life. Do you know how easy it can be to get off or track? Well it is very easy, and I have found that once you fall off track a almost 2 weeks the chances of you getting back on track decreases (unless you are sick and tried of being sick and tried). So, I have been way pass the point of being sick and tried, so getting back on track in spite of being so busy felt really good. I had missed 2 of my Weight Watchers Meeting and I went to this past weeks meeting and the main topic of the meetings discussion was “Me Time”. 

This is something that we all need but feel bad when we take that must needed “Me Time”. During the discussion we talked about different activities that we considered “Me Time”, and while the discussion went on I thought to myself, how do you take the me time that you need without feeling guilty. The answer to that very question is, in order for you to take care of ours you yourself have to first take care of you. Think about it: if you don’t do what you need to do the stay healthy (physically and mentally) how will you be able to help your family, complete goals, reach your God-given purpose (which will affect millions). You will not be able to be the change in this world that you want to see because you will not have the energy nor strength to do it. So, the next question one may have is why it is so important that we take “Me Time”, and the answer is because we all need time to refresh and recharge. We all need to to decompress, which gives the body a change (physically and mentally) to heal and repair itself. We have to be able to allow our bodies the chance to re-cooperate from the daily stressors of life. If we don’t allow the body the chance refresh itself, the body will let it be know it needs time, and you could find yourself sick (mentally or physically). No one wants that, especially when you can prevent it by taking “Me Time”. Before the meeting ended we are given a task to do throughout the week, and the task given to us was to take some “Me Time”.

I took some much needed “Me Time”, but I did feel guilty the first day I took the time, because I was away from my family mentally and physically. I have been going and going and going, and I just needed to sleep. So, that is what I did-slept. When I got up from my day long sleep-fest, I just really felt bad because there were things that need to be done. But I then realized that if I don’t get the rest that I need that stuff that needs to get done won’t because I won’t be able to do it because I would be sick, so the guilty feeling that I felt went away. “Me Time” is important when you are on any journey, because you have to learn how to appreciate your self, and in doing this (appreciating your self) you allow your body to relax, refresh, and decompress, and this will give you the energy that you need to continue on the journey. So, appreciate your self, take the needed “Me Time”. See below for some examples or ideas given for “Me Time” in the meeting:
 1. Sensory: Listen to music or take a bath by candlelight
 2. Relaxing: Take deep breath slowly, massage, or turn off your phone for 10 minutes
 3. Creative: Make a vision board or scrapbook
 4. Outdoorsy: Take a walk outside, watch birds, sun bath
 5. Social: Go to the movies with a friend, get in contact with an old friend, look through your photo albums
 6. Brainy: Do a word puzzle, learn a new language, read a book 
 7. Rejuvenating: Buy yourself some flowers, change your screen saver to the beach or mountain scene
 8. Fun: Color in a coloring book, hit up yard sales, play cards

Whatever you choose to do make sure that you get in that must needed “Me Time” this week. And remember that be taking care or yourself you are in fact taking care of others. Until next time……..

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