My Weight Lost Journey: Day 322 (New Year Reflection)

Well I am  a month into the New Year and I have had some time to reflect on 2014, and what I learned about myself and my weight loss journey. So, here are the 5 things that I learned about weight lost while on my weight lost journey, and I can tell you that I was a little surprise.

The 5 Things That I Have Learned On My Weight Lose Journey:

Number 5: Food Is Not The Enemy:
-I know that we are taught from birth that fat and sugar is bad; they will kill you. Well, that is not totally true. The truth is that over eating food in general will kill you. I am learning (truly learning) how to listen to my body and when I have had enough-then that is enough. While on this journey I have eaten cheeseburgers, and ice cream (regular ice cream), cakes, and cookies and I am still losing weight. Food is not the enemy—-not listening to your body and over eating is the enemy.
Number 4: Plan For It:
-When you are over weight you always feel like you are not in control; or shall I say that is how I felt-out of control. But while on this journey I am leaning that people don’t plan on failing they just fail to plan. Having a plan of what you will or will not eat during party times, holidays, regular days, everyday is setting yourself up for success. And by not having a plan you will fail. So now I plan out what I am going to eat almost everyday, and I have found that I have more control over what I put in my mouth. I no longer just eat food mindlessly-I plan it out. But I can tell you that it was not easy to do at first, but now it has become a part of who I am. So, PLAN FOR IT…..
Number 3: Be Mindful Of Your Mind Talk:
-We talk to ourselves everyday all day, and we tell ourselves the most negative things that anyone can imagine. STOP IT….. I had to learn to tell myself that I can do it and that I am losing weight (even when I come to a stand still). I had to learn to tell myself I am beautiful, smart, professional, and strong. I had to learn to tell myself that, and then I have to learn to believe it. I also had to learn to stop listening to the excuses that my mind gave me for why I can’t go work out or why I should be able to eat another piece of cake. I have learned that we (you-me) are the only ones that can stop us from being successful, and it starts in the mind. So, I have to learn to say (speak out) the opposite of what my mind is telling me, that way my mind will start saying the positive instead of the negative.
Number 2: Take It One Day At A Time:
-When you start to lose weight it comes off quick and then your body gets use to what you are doing and eating and you have to change it up. When this occurs it is so easy for you to say why can’t I lose the weight faster or this is taking tooooo long, and then stop trying. This almost happened to me, I almost gave up on changing my life because of how long it is taking for me to lose the weight. But then I remembered that it did not take a day for me to gain the weight (it was a little easier) so that means that it is going to take time. So now, I don’t focus on the big goal of how much I want to loss I focus on the one day. I get through that day and when the next day comes I do the same all over again. God tells us not to worry about what we will eat or drink or wear because He will provide all of that for us. He also tells us to focus on the present because worrying about the future adds nothing to your life. So, I am learning how to take it one day a time.
Number 1: Forgive Yourself:
-We carry a lot of emotion baggage that we think we have dealt with. And most of the time we have not dealt with it, but we have gained weight. So, I have to learn how to forgive myself for some of the choices that I have made. I have to learn how to celebrate my mother’s life instead of continuous grieving for her.  By forgiving myself, and letting go, I get back power over my life. Fear does not win. We all make mistakes, but it’s those mistakes that help us to grow and become better. By holding on to the what ifs, and could haves, should haves causes us to gain weight, and it makes it difficult for it to come off. So, I am learning how to forgive myself, I haven’t yet but I am headed in the right direction. LET IT GOOOOOO…… and watch the pounds come off…….
So, there is still more that I need to learn but I am ready to change. Let me know what you think of what I have learned thus far, and please share some of what you have learned on your on personal journey. Until next time…….

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