My Weight Lost Journey: Golf Day





Okay guys you all have waited long enough, so here I go. July 1, 2016 was my first official golf day-I learned how to play the game. If you viewed my video then you all know that I was very nervous about playing golf with veteran golfers, and I almost did not go. But then the holy spirit spoke to me and said remember that this year is the year that you step out of your comfort zone, and if you keep stepping out you will be a blessing to someone else in this world. Sooooooo, I went. I stepped on of my comfort zone and onto the golf course with two veteran players (these two players are close friends) full of nerves and uncertainty. So, we get to the first hole and my friends begin to teach me how to hit the ball.



But in my mind I am thinking how hard can it be to hit the this little ball. I listened to their teaching right before I walked up to the ball, and I took a swing. I missed the whole ball. Now the nerves start to rise up, and I take another swing; and I miss again. It took me 6 tries before I actually hit the ball.  After that first hole I realized that golf is not as easy as I though, and that this game is all mental. Golf is a game of technique and mental toughness, and at this point in the game golf was winning. After that first hole I was a little discouraged and frustrated, but my friends keep encouraging and supporting me, and because of them I keep playing.



We get to the 2nd hole and wouldn’t you know I was first to tee off.  But this time it only took me 3 tries before I actually hit the ball, and my confidence began to rise. One of my friends/teachers told me the more I practice on my swing to better it will be. So, while each one of them played I would stand over to the side to practice my swing. Each time I would swing I would get better and my confidence would get stronger. As my confidence rise my frustrations decrease and I began to feel like I belonged on the golf course too (even though I really don’t  know what I am doing) I begin to feel like I belonged there too.








I know you guys are all wondering how does this tie into my weight lost journey, what is my take away? And my answer to this questions is that in all things (no matter if it is losing weight, playing golf, or raising a child) you need to have a good technique, confidence in yourself, and mental toughness. During my weight lost journey I have missed weight lost goals, gotten frustrated, and wanted to quit. But my teacher (the holy spirit) would push me to shake it off and take another step in the right direction. Playing golf made me understand how important it is to trust in the teachings that you receive and trust in yourself (no matter how it may look).

All in all I really enjoyed playing golf. I learned that golf is harder than it looks, but the challenge of golf can be a good life teacher. I had fun and I will continue to play this sport. Like life, golf has obstacles that must be overcome, and rewards to gain. And along the course there are lessons to be learned, you just have to be opened to receive the wisdom of the golf course.



My weight lost journey has taken me to a lot of different places, and I must say that I am enjoying every step, hop, jump, and run. There have been some days that I have wanted to quit, and when those times come I look at my family or think of God’s purpose for my life, and I know that I can’t stop moving forward. Jesus died so that I could live. And that is what I plan on doing, living the life that God gave me through the blood of Jesus. And I encourage you all to do that same. Let’s stop dreaming of the what ifs and let’s go after the what ifs. Remember Life Is But A Journey, Until Next Time…….




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