The Act Of Being Engaged: The Count Down To The Wedding Day (12 Days and Counting)

Well, as you can tell from the title of this post I am now counting down the days of my engagement; 12 more days until I am Dr. Jeanine Smith.  During the period of my engagement I have learned a lot about myself, my husband-to-be, and marriage as a whole. This period has been stressful, but I have so enjoyed the courtship period (the boyfriend and girlfriend stage); but I must say I am looking forward to our next phase. I won’t go into a long drawn out lesson of how I was feeling, how he was feeling, or how others around us felt; but I will say that communication is indeed to most important part of any relationship. Out of everything that I have experienced during this phase of my life, (sex or no sex, spending time or not, making dinner for him or not, etc.) communication was and will continue to be the top priority of the relationship. Without steady communication all the other elements of the relationship will fall to the wayside.

So, I would like to just updated you on what I have accomplished concerning the details of our upcoming big day. If you all don’t know, Lee and I will be getting married on June 24, 2011 at 12:30pm. The ceremony will be small and intimate, nevertheless planning it was still a little stressful. Anyway, I have my dress, shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, the cake, the restaurant venue, his suit, his shoes, his wedding gift, the favors, and the place where the ceremony will take place. I also have our wine glasses and cake cutter and server. So, I have done a lot in a short time. But I still need make-up, whitening stripes for my teeth, some sexy sleepwear, and my nails need to be done. I have my something old, and blue. I don’t have something borrowed or new yet. We also have our rings and they are so beautiful.

So, please join me on my count down to Jeanine and Lee’s Big Day. The theme of our day is “Two Becoming One.” And I believe that it is a fitting theme, because God designed us the become on with our mates. However, we must allow the transition to take place through God being the head and communicating with each other. Let’s count down together. So, if you have any advise or last minute suggestions please let me know. The count down has began-12 days to go.

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