I Realized That I Missed Me…

Society has taught us all, especially black women, that who we are is wrong and how we be is wrong. We are simply told that we are not enough just the way we are, and that we aren’t valuable just the way we are. And at one point in my life I truly believed that about myself – I believed that I Was Wrong and that I was Not Enough… I believed that I was not valuable just the way I was. I believed that thought so deeply that I learned how to be someone else in order to survive. I learned how to put on the face that was acceptable in society in order to be in relationships, all the while I was losing Jeanine. With every relationship (friendships, romantic, business) that I encountered, I transformed into the person I believed that person wanted me to be. And I did it so that they would not leave me, so I would be accepted. After all, it is better to be with a tribe then to be without one, right?

She is beautiful… But she doesn’t know it yet.

In my search for external validation and acceptance, I (Jeanine) was fading away. I was constantly doing things that I did not necessarily want to do in order to fill a void I had within myself. I told myself that my needs, wants, desires, and dreams did not matter as long as I had someone in my life. I was constantly turning myself inside out and upside down just to get validation and acceptance from the outside world. But it was becoming harder and harder for me to breath, and physically I just did not feel good. I wanted PEACE – peace of mind, but I was not looking in the right place to get that peace that I was craving.

God prompted me to slow down and get silent so I could really understand that the only person that can tell me who I am is the one who created me. I had to go within and listen to God. God already accepted me but I have to learn how to accept myself. And God showed me Me, so I can accept me.

God showed me why He gave me the name He gave me, and why I have the personality that I have. God explained to me why I had to go through the obstacles and challenges I went through, and why I was placed on the path I was placed on. God showed me my I like certain things and why I do certain things. And God also explained to me how much He loved me just the way I was, He loves me just the way I am, and He loves me while I am evolving into the person He needs me to be. Bottom line is God showed me me, and He told me that He loves every single inch of me. Then He explained to me that I too must love every single inch of me, and in order for that to happen I had to first accept every single inch of me.

Be Who You Were Born to Be Because Everyone Else Is Taken, and You, Just You are worth it…

I found me…. And I accepted every inch of Me…

When I realized that I found me again, my inner woman was at peace… And I began to feel joy everyday. And when I did not feel joy (because life is 50/50), I knew how to calm myself and create my joy. Outside validation and acceptance no longer needed…

Wondering How???

Let me share with you how I rediscovered Jeanine…

  1. I had to seek God for clear awareness on what was the root of the problem
    • Seeking God will always require you to slow down and get quite.
  2. I had to actually listen to God and acknowledge what He was telling me
  3. I had to allow myself the time I needed to process through my emotions about what was discovered
  4. I had to accept that I did actually lose myself because I wanted to be accepted by others
  5. I had to begin to take action and trust what I already knew about myself
    • God instructed me on a path that reconnected me to Him and myself

My traveling friends me losing me and finding me again inspired me to want to help ours to do the same thing. Out of my pain grew my purpose and that is to help as many people as I can to stop playing small, to take their power back and create their life on purpose and live with peace. The Confidence Mindset Program was born and it is a coaching program that can help you stop playing small, take your power back, and create your life on purpose and live with peace.

Peace and joy is a feeling that you can feel right now. And if you are ready to stop playing small, take your power back, and create your life on purpose The Confidence Mindset Program is the coaching program for you. Go and schedule a free coaching consultation today… Because if I can do it you can too…

Talk to you soon.

Until next time remember that Life Is But A Journey…

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