Offenses and Storms Will Come


The foundation scripture for this article is John 16:33 and once you guys completely read through the article post you all will understand why this is the anchor for this post.

Welcome back guys. I really hope that you all have been enjoying my  articles, but most importantly I hope that you all realize that YOU are apart of MY TRIBE and that means that you are not alone — you guys are never alone on your journey called life. There are so many ups and downs on this journey, and the key to getting through it is to realize what you truly have control over and what you don’t have control over. Once you figure that out, you now have the power to make changes and do some things differently.  Because like the title says — offenses and storms will come — what will you do to get through them? Now let’s get started.

Why did I decide to talk about the topic of offenses and storms that we will face on our journey.  The reason is clear, because I have gone through bad days and I had no clue how to get through them without breaking down. I felt so alone, like no one would or could understand what I was feeling. One day I opened up my bible and read that trouble would come, so because I knew I would have to face bad days/ hard times I just knew there were other people out there that may feel the same way I do (alone and not sure what to do); so I wanted to share my story to provide someone else with some hope and to shed light on a topic that we all struggle with day in and out-OFFENSES AND STORMS….  At some point in time we all have asked ourselves (and others) why do bad things happen to good people? Why are so many good people struggling on their journeys? If you watch the news regularly, this is a question that I know would pop up in anyone’s mind. I know that I have asked myself this question often, but I could never figure out the answer. And when someone else asked me that question, I did not know how to answer the question. It seemed like this one question had so many good people questioning their faith and God. So, I asked God the question at hand and He told me to go and read John 16:33. Soooo, that is exactly what I did. John 16:33 told me  that in this world we will have trouble, but Jesus overcame the world so that we can have peace.

Ultimately, when Adam sinned against God that is when offenses and storms entered into this world. Up until then Adam and Eve were good. They did not have a care in the world, and God gave them everything that needed and wanted. God never meant for His children to go through trials, but when Adam sinned all bets were off. However, our God is so GOOD that He knew this would happened so He made sure to provide us with a way out of all storms, and a way to heal from all offenses. Now that we all know that bad things will happen to good people (that is just the way it will be), the next questions that should pop up in your mind is why and what are they really (what are offenses and storms)?  These were the questions and they are the same questions that I had after God told me that I would experience trouble on my journey. And He answered the questions for me, so I am going to share with you what was told to me. First question: what are offenses and storms? Are they the same things? It is very important that we have a full understanding of what they are, because it is only when you have a full understanding of something can you make lasting changes on your journey.

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So, let’s continue. I was told that offenses are the hurtful words that people say about each other, knowingly or unknowingly, either way it causes hurt to someone else. Storms are all the bad things that happen to us (people do to each other or a bad situation that  just happens), for example, I lost a job because the company I worked for closed (storm). And the next question is why were they created or shall I say what is their purpose? Their purpose is to hurt us to our soul and stop us from moving forward with our purpose. The devil will use them to get in our minds and cause us to tell our selves that we are not worth it, we can’t accomplish our dreams, we can’t have the desires of our hearts; basically to tells us lies to get us to stop moving forward, to stop learning and growing, to stop transforming and evolving, to just stop. They were designed to bring fear into our lives and the fear is what will cause us to just stop.  And for the most part the offenses and storms have been doing their jobs very well. It has gotten to the point that so many people in this world feel hopeless and lost, and are in so much pain that they end up taking their own lives. God tells us in His word that the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  And the way that the devil accomplishes this is with offenses and storms to bring fear into our souls. That fears steals our joy, happiness, prosperity, and health. That fear causes us to run and hide, and just try to survive.

The next question that I had was what do I do God. How do I get through these bad times, and He said to trust Him by faith for the way out each and every time. I know that the answer to the third question is just so simple, and you all might be thinking that it is so easy for you to say, trust God. And I am going to say that it is easier said then done. And the reason that it is easier said then done is because you/we have to transform your/our mind and make the choice to believe God’s word (really believe His word). If you look around you will see every reason not to trust God, I know that.  But in order to face your offenses and storms YOU MUST TRUST GOD. I don’t know what you all have been through, had to face, or had to overcome; but what I do know for sure (based on God’s word) is that  trouble, bad times, offenses, and storms will come. The hard times are going to come, and we are going to be faced with offenses and storms, but we have to trust God in order to get through them.

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Now I feel like you all are thinking okay just trust God, and everything will be alright. And my responses to that is yes. You must trust God’s word with a grateful attitude, and you will make it to the other side of your storm or heal from your offense. Now, I feel like you are think and how do I do that, how do I just trust God when everything around me is falling apart. And my response to this amazing question is transform your mind with His word. You have to spend time with God during the good times so when the bad times come you will really know that He can be trusted and that He will do exactly what He said He would do. Guys, God wants to have a real relationship with us. He wants you to be real with Him (be your real true self). He wants you to share everything about yourself with Him (and not be ashamed),  and He wants you to know everything about Him. But the  only way this relationship can form is by you spending real time with God, not just showing up at church on Sunday morning and singing a couple of songs, or listening to a sermon on the radio.  You have to spend real time with God to know who He is, and how much He cares for you.

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There are so many people that go to church and they don’t have a real relationship with God because building a relationship takes time (it takes more than 30 minutes to an hour). So, am I saying don’t go to church, and I will say No that is not what I am saying. I am saying that you have to get to know who God is, how God acts, how God speaks, and what God thinks. And the only way this will happen is that you MUST spend real time with God. Then when these bad times come you will be able to really trust God to be there and to show you how to get through it or heal from it. This took me a long time to figure out because I thought that as long as I went to church every Sunday God would be happy with me. I was so wrong. God wants us to fellowship with each other because fellow-shipping with other believers will help strengthen us, but this does not build a relationship with God. It can help teach you about God’s character, but you need to know Him for yourself and not just based on what someone else tells you about Him. My pastor is always telling his members to go and read God’s word for ourselves so we can know what it says, don’t just sit back and take his word for it. spend time with God for ourselves so God can reveal Himself to us. So, that is what I started doing, and when bad times came I had something to fall back on (God’s word) and I could speak to my bad times and praise and thank God for making a way out for me.

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Well, I think you guys have a clear understanding that storms and offenses will come. But let me quickly summarize for the ones who want an overview. During our journey called life we all will go through tough times, and those tough times will come in the form of offenses and storms. But the way to get through those tough times is to turn to God and trust Him for your way out or your healing. When we trust and believe God, and praise Him for what He has already done, then those bad times MUST change. Spending quality time with God will help us to foster a true relationship with God, and you will trust God to do exactly what He said He would do for you.

I told you guys that I would incorporate scriptures that I use to meditate on to get you a road map, so see below for some scriptures that can be used when you are going to a tough time:

  • John 16:33 (NIV): ” I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart I have overcome the world.”
  • 2 Timothy 3:12 (King James Version): Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
  • Psalm 34:17 (NIV): The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them;
    he delivers them from all their troubles.
  • Psalm 34:19 (King James Version): Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.
  • Isaiah 61:3 (King James Version): To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.

It has been such an honor and pleasure to share with you all just a little bit of knowledge that I have learned along my own personal journey that has helped me get those some many tough times. I really hope that you will take what you have read today and put it to use while you are on your journey called life. Please don’t forget to click on JAccessories and get your self a gift or someone else a gift. Each accessory is linked to a health issue that I am trying to bring some awareness to, and half of all the proceeds from the purchase made goes to cancer research. So, get a gift and give a gift. Thank you all for your support and until next time, Life Is But A Journey…..

Please share your comments about this article. Let me know how it has helped you and share your own personal journey, as it could help someone else on their journey. We are all connected and that is by designed, so please share with the Tribe. Thanks again.

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