My Weight Lost Journey: 2 Years and 299 Days

GOD is good……. Okay guys remember when I said that I decided to let God guide me on my weight lost journey instead of doing it the world’s way, and all I can say is that my GOD is good. So, it has been a full week since I started to continue my weight lost journey with God and I see results on the scale. God told me to only focus on one day instead of the entire month, because allllllll those other days have their own problems so why stress over them before the day comes, and that is exactly what I did. I know that I wrote down my workout schedule in my monthly planner for the entire month, but I only focused on one day at a time. If I accomplished my workout goal for that day I got a smiley face and if I did not I gave myself a sad face.  I got 1 sad face, but I did not beat myself up for it this time. God also told me to be realistic about this journey. Instead of me comparing myself to the people I see on facebook or Instagram, I should just do what is realistic for me (not what people say I should do), and I believe that my workout goals are realistic. And God to me to seek Him more late a night—feed my spirit and let His home rest. So, I spent more time in God’s word instead of feeding my face. God also told me to speak over myself as it concerned my weight, so when my fitbit alarm goes off I say out loud that I AM HEALED FROM OBESITY…. Because I am. I have lost a total 3.4lbs, and my goal for the week was 2lbs.

I don’t want you all to think oh well it sounds easy, and  it is but it took effort to make the choice that the Lord was telling me to make. And I say that because there was always something else that I want to do, but then I am reminder that I have to work my faith and the only way that I can work it is by taking the steps that God tells me to take. Seek ye the kingdom of God and all these blessings will come and over take you. One of the blessing that will over take me is healing. If I want the manifestation of healing in my body I have to do what God tells me to do. God did His part 2000 years ago, He healed me, now I have to take it—–I have to take my healing and I encourage you all to do the same.

Well, that is my update for week 1 and I owe it all to God, He gets the glory for this success not me. But I am happy to see the scale going in the other direction for a change. Guys, remember that Life Is But A Journey….. Until Next Time…

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