My Weight Lost Journey: 694 Days-1Year 362 Days

Guys, I have so much to talk about that I don’t know where to start. So, I guess I should start at the beginning right? Right…. Well, guys I was laid off from my job of 11 years (Westwood College closed their doors). Some might say that it was a blessing, and others would say/ask aren’t you mad. and my response to both would be yes. Westwood closing was a blessing for me and I was also mad, and because of all of the different emotions that I was feeling I ate, and ate, and ate. Needless to say I gained 5lbs and almost found myself falling into depression. But remember I said it was a blessing too. So, how could gaining weight and losing your job be a blessing-and the answer would be-it has forced me out of my comfort zone. This year for me is all about breaking out of my comfort zone and doing things that I would not do (because how would I receive what God has for me?), and losing my job has done just that. I am forced to recreate myself, because the Jeanine that I once knew is not the person that God needs me to be. God needs me to be resilient and strong. He needs me to be flexible and understanding, and wise and willing to learn. So, I am doing just that. And let me tell you it is easier said then done. I know all of the Christians out there will say that I should not say that, but I am learning through my weight lost journey that lying about something will make it worst, so why do it. I want you guys to really experience this journey with me, and also know that if I did it you can too. So, like I said, it is easier said then done. The hardest part of this whole stepping out of your comfort zone is your self. I keep telling myself wait or stop, don’t do that, and then I take the step of faith and God works it out in my favor.

After my official last day at Westwood came and went I noticed that I was at peace, and not so up tight (like I thought I would be). And during this very unfortunate time of my life I have learned 2 things: (1.) spending time with God is important when you are building your faith. If you want to know someone on a deeper level you must spend time with the person, so how is it any different with God. The old Jeanine would be breaking down and so upset about the whole thing (gaining weight and losing my job), but because I really know that God is for me (because I spend time with God) I am at peace and taking everyday one day at a time. (2.) Be careful of the seed that you sow because you will get it back. So many days I complained about my job and now look at me-I lost it. The words that I sowed about Westwood College came back to me in the same negative way I put them out about Westwood. I am learning that I need to really be careful of the seed that I sow (my words have power and will product what I say). Losing my job and gaining weight back is a very humbling experience. You should not take anything for granted, and watch what you say. I was made to have whatsoever I say, and it is true because I have them (good or bad).

I know you all want to know what happened with the weight, right? I lost it. I stopped looking at myself as a loser or failure and got up and did what I know to do(what God lead me to do). I continued to follow the Weight Watchers plan and I exercise. But now when I exercise I am really trying to push myself pass my comfort level. Trust me when I say stretching pass your comfort zone physical hurts, but it will bring you joy because you know that you can do it.

Well all, that is my story for now. You know that I am always interested in your journey’s so share with me some things that you have learned while on your life journey. Please stop by my shop page (JAccessories) to pick up a cool bracelet for the spring time, or Easter, or just because you want to treat your self. Until next time….

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