My Weight Lost Journey: The Why Behind Weight Lost…..

Why am I on this journey? Why are you on your journey? Why is the question that we all Must answer if we want to be successful on a weight lost journey, or any journey. And it is a question that I continue to ask myself, because I am not seeing the results that I want to see. That’s right, my weight lost journey has not been as successful as I hoped when I started. So, I have to question myself and find out why am I really on this journey?

Admitting that I am not as successful at something is crashing to my soul; because I have always been told that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I have put my mind to this (losing weight) over and over and over; and yet I find myself still trying to lose weight. So, again I began to search my soul for the answer to “why do I want to lose weight?”. Do I want to lose weight to fit in with society? Do I want to lose weight to be attractive to the opposite sex? Do I want to lose because that is what the medical community says is healthy? Why do I want to lose weight? And my initial answer to the question of why was all of the above. Yes, I wanted to lose weight to fit in, to be attractive, and because that is just what the medical community says is healthy. But those reasons are no longer important to me, so it is not fueling my journey and thus I am not seeing success.

Then I heard to Lord tell me that in order for me to lost weight and keep it off my soul must prosper. That brought up another question for me, so I asked the Lord if He needed me around and He said YES….. The Lord needs me here to fulfill the purpose that He has for me which is good and lovely. But if I am not healthy I cannot fulfill my purpose. And in order for me to get healthy my soul must prosper. So, now my question is how can I prosper my soul? And the answer to that question lies in the WORD of God. In order for my soul to prosper in Must get in the WORD of God. If you have been reading any of my blogs you might say that everything leads back to the WORD of God, and you would be correct. God’s WORD has the answer for every situation that will, could, and can come up in your life.

Well, I have shared with you guys something that was sooooo hard for me share with my husband, and that is I am failing on my weight lost journey. I shared this tough truth with the hope that it will inspire someone to keep moving forward with their journey and know that they are not alone on their journey. We all fall down, but that does not mean that you are a failure. You will become a failure when you stop trying. And this is one truth that I have learned on my weight loss journey, so I may be failing but I am not a failure because I continue to try again-I don’t give up. I will reach my weight lost goal and be in good because my soul is prospering more and more. Please know that as long as you get up after you fall and try again, you to will reach your goals on your journey. Until next time…… Life is but a Journey…. Please check out my Shop page for my handmade bracelets…

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