My Weight Lost Journey: 2 Years and 295 Days

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! We made it¬†into 2017, and that is something that we all need to thank the Lord for because soooooooo many¬†people did not make it into 2017. Thank you Lord for ordering our step through 2016 and into 2017, and I pray that you continue to order our steps in 2017. I know that it has been awhile since my last post and I now that you all are wondering what has happen with me on this journey. Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: 2 Years and 295 Days”

My Weight Lost Journey: Day 285

What is the secret to losing weight? This is a question that everyone is asking and everyone is trying to answer/or claiming to have the answer too. Well, I believe that I have the best answer to this very common question, and it is you.

Well, how can you be the secret to losing weight you may ask; especially if you have yet to be successful with it? And the answer is, it is your will to want to lose weight that is the secret. Your will is your mind, and in order for you to lose weight you must be mentally ready and mentally strong in order for you to be successful (met your weight lose goal).

Society will have you thinking that there is a magic pill that you can take and the weight will go away, or that plastic surgery is the way. But this is so far from the true because what you may not know is that the magic pill will have a side effect on your body (so you lose weight but now your heart is beating too fast) or all of the money spent to get lipo and 6 months later the weight comes back. So, why is this you be be thinking and that is because the true secret is in your mind. You must be determine and focus on losing weight. And understand that there is not a quick fix to losing weight. It took years for you to gain the weight so,when done correctly, it will take years to get it off.

Now, how does this all relate to my journey you may be wondering? And it relates because today I have gained 3 lbs after losing 25 lbs, and I have to understand that during this journey I will go up and down, but I must continue to put one foot in front of the other and continue to focus on my over all goal. It is soooooooooo easy to lose focus especially when you have people coming up to you and tell you that it looks like you have lost weight. You began to look at yourself in the mirror and say, yeah, I can see it because my clothes are much bigger. And then you start to lose focus on the bigger picture–the weight lost goal that you set at the beginner of the year, month, week, etc, and think that it is okay to eat that doughnut (2 doughnuts), the piece of cake (2 pieces of cake) and before you know it the scale is moving up, and your self esteem is going down. The next thing that happens is that you just stop trying because what is the point you have already gained 5 lbs, and your journey is over (yet again).

Can you see why I say that the secret to weight lost is you???? 

Because if you aren’t ready to go through the ups and downs of weight lost, the compliments, the baggy clothes, your other inner voice then you will fall off the wagon and gain all of the weight back and then some. And I must admit, it almost happened to me this time around, but I chose to join Weight Watchers, and going to those meetings are honestly helping me remain focus on my weight lost goal (to lost 64 lbs). This time I will accomplish my weight lost goal because through all of my trials with my weight I have gotten mentally tough and wise. I am wise enough to know that it took time to gain the weight, it will take time to lose it, and that I need help. If you have the WILL there is A WAY, I have the WILL and by seeking out help I am  finding the WAY……

Share your ups and downs because you never know who will be inspired by your story, and you can also share any advice for me that you may have (or what you think thus far). Until next time……