My Weight Lost Journey: My 5k Race Day


Okay guys, by now I know that you all are waiting to hear how I did on June 18, 2016 (My 5k Race) and the answer to the question is…………I did okay. And you all may be thinking just okay, and my response is yes, just okay. As you all know I finished my first 5k race in 40:00 minutes, and I was so excited about that time plus I did it; I finished a 5k. I was so proud of myself. So, this year I was competing with myself (no one else, just myself). My goal was to finish within the same time or below 40:00 minutes, so I began to train. But life happened and my world was turned upside down and training became difficult. However, completing my race was important to me so I found the time to train for my race. Though I found the time to train I still was not fully prepared to achieve my goal. This 5k I finished in 41.11 minutes. Even though I finished my race I was a little disappointed because I did not achieve the goal that I set for myself.

Well the next question that you may have, and I had, was what did you learn from this 5k race? This is a great question, and when we fall short at something we should all ask our self that question, WHAT DID I LEARN FOR THIS FAILURE? And I learned that preparation is very important in life, as a matter of fact it is key in being successful. Let me try to explain what I mean. During this race God showed me something about myself that I did not really know was a problem, I rely on muscle memory instead of preparing each and every time; which is something that I learned to do when I was growing up. During chiropractic school I remember my friends and classmates asking me what was my 5 year plan for my life, and my answer  would be I don’t know I am just trying to get through school. I have my school books to use if I need them, so I will be okay in the future. I thought that the future was soooooooo far away, so I did not completely prepare for my future. Most of my friends and classmates were planning and preparing for their future; were as I was just trying to get there. I was not preparing for my future, I thought I was because I was in school, but I was not. So, that bad habit followed me into adulthood because most of the time I feel like I can just wing it. But this race showed me something very different. And I know someone might say, it is just 1:11 minutes over and that is not that bad or at least you did not finish in 50:00 minutes. And you know what I thought that too, but that is the wrong way to think. God showed me that if I continue to think this way I will not enjoy all that He has for me because I will just fall a little short, and instead of having 1 million dollars I will say well I have $500,000 and that is close. No, no, no;  I want everything that God has for me and I might have to step out of my comfort zone to get it, but if I have prepare myself (Looking at God’s word, Hearing God’s word, Saying God’s word, and Believing God’s word) I will be successful.


My weight lost journey is a journey that God is using to teach me His principles that I can use for my everyday life. While I have to continue to run my race, I still have to be prepared to run my race if I don’t want to hurt myself while I am running my race. So, yes I finished my 5k race but I could have done better. I am happy that I did it again, but next time I will prepare for my race better. I can’t let stuff (the enemy) get in my way and cause me to get distracted. Life will always happen, good and bad, but I have the authority to have the promises of God through the blood of Jesus Christ, and He says that I am to be prepared to what He made for me now.


So, your take away for this post should be preparation is very important for your success in life. Continue to run your race but make sure you are prepared for your race……Until next time-Life Is But A Journey….. Also, please visit my shop page (Shop JAccessories) to purchase a paracord bracelet today.



2 thoughts on “My Weight Lost Journey: My 5k Race Day”

  1. This hit home for me. I looked at my grades and I was like I didn’t achieve my goal of all a’s. However I know why. I winged it alot, being a full time mom working a full time job, and going to school full time at times was overwhelming that I half did everything. If I was prepared I would of had an A I’m every class. I also looked at my grades and said well I guess its good for everything that was going on in my life. As far as struggling to get an apartment for my son and I and dealing with my current living situation. However that isnt the right way to think because I also want it all Dr. Smith. I want all of what god wants for me. ?

    1. Martha, thank you for taking time out of your very busy schedule to read my blog post. It touches me when I am able to help others through my life experiences. And I hope that this blog post helped you to figure out what you need to do to be prepared for what life brings your way, not with just school but with everything. Please continue to enjoy my blog site and share your experiences with me as well. Again, thank you and I would like to encourage you to visit my shop page as well. Until next time, Life Is But A Journey…..

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