My Weight Lost Journey: The Why Behind Weight Lost…..

Why am I on this journey? Why are you on your journey? Why is the question that we all Must answer if we want to be successful on a weight lost journey, or any journey. Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: The Why Behind Weight Lost…..”

My Weight Lost Journey: A Date With Myself


Hey guys… I know, long time no hear from and I know that you all have been waiting for my updates. Well, I have a lot to share with you all and I hope my journey will help you on your journey. So, as you probably can tell from the title, I went on a date with myself. I know a lot of people would say why would you want to go on a date by your self? And my response to that question is-if I can’t be alone with myself how can I except someone else to be with me? Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: A Date With Myself”

My Weight Lost Journey: Golf Day





Okay guys you all have waited long enough, so here I go. July 1, 2016 was my first official golf day-I learned how to play the game. If you viewed my video then you all know that I was very nervous about playing golf with veteran golfers, and I almost did not go. Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: Golf Day”

My Weight Lost Journey: My 5k Race Day


Okay guys, by now I know that you all are waiting to hear how I did on June 18, 2016 (My 5k Race) and the answer to the question is…………I did okay. Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: My 5k Race Day”

My Weight Lost Journey: 2 Years and 82 Days


Hey guys, I am back. I know that you all have been waiting to hear from me since my last video posting. And I have been trying to find the time to let you all know how my journey has been going, in spite of big life changing events. So, my 5k run/walk race is 10 days away (how time flies), and I have managed to make time to train for it. Not as often as I would have liked, but I have been getting in some training for the run. So, I know you all are wondering what type of exercises have I been doing to get ready for my run; since that was the topic of my video post. And I think you all will be a little surprised that my workouts don’t just consist of running. Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: 2 Years and 82 Days”

My Weight Lost Journey: 2 Years and 25 Days


Hey guys, I know it has been awhile since my last post and video, but I have been super busy trying to get myself situated. New jobs, starting a business, and making bracelets to sell all while being a mom and a wife has taken up a lot of my time. But please believe that I was thinking about my faithful supporter, because you all matter to me too. You guys help keep me motivated to push my self to be the best I can be, so thank you for your continuous support as I travel on my journey.


So, what is the scoop you may be wondering? How is the training going? Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: 2 Years and 25 Days”

My Weight Lost Journey: 697 Days-2Years

First let me acknowledge a huge milestone for myself, I have been on my weight lost journey for 2 years now and I am very proud of myself. This journey has been a roller coaster, both emotionally and physically, yet I have been consistently monitoring and tracking my points, and working out. So, congrats to me for making it to 2 years and 1 step closer to my weight lost goal. And now for my workout update, and let me tell you this class was not what I thought at all. Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: 697 Days-2Years”

My Weight Lost Journey: 694 Days-1Year 362 Days

Guys, I have so much to talk about that I don’t know where to start. So, I guess I should start at the beginning right? Right…. Well, guys I was laid off from my job of 11 years (Westwood College closed their doors). Continue reading “My Weight Lost Journey: 694 Days-1Year 362 Days”

My Weight Loss Journey: 675 Days-1 Year and 343 Days

ZUMBA, ZUMBA, ZUMBA…….. If you have been traveling with me on this journey you would know that I next fitness class for the month was Zumba. And yes I took the class and I was very surprised. Okay let me explain what I mean by I was surprised. Continue reading “My Weight Loss Journey: 675 Days-1 Year and 343 Days”

My Weight Loss Journey: 665 Days-1 Year and 333Days



Okay guys, welcome to my new home. As I told you all, this year is about stepping out of my comfort zone, and believe me when I say making this change was big step out of my comfort zone, and I have to say that I was able to take that leap because of my weight loss journey. As you can see I have been on this journey for a while now, and I must say that I have been tested, and scared, and push down so many times on this weight loss journey; but I have the strength to continue to get up and continue to move forward. So, before I get into my story I would like to thank you all for your continue support and patience during my transition. Okay, enough of that now time for the nitty gritty-my final hip hop fitness class (what happened?).

My last hip hop fitness class was on Thursday, February 11, 2016, and I and so much fun. I actually learned the moves and I was able to add my own flavor to the moves. The first day I went I just knew that I was going to look a hot mess, and I was right. But I was able to catch on the moves quickly-but I stilled looked a mess. The second class I was less nervous, and the women in the group actually stared to talk to me; so I was becoming a part of the group. By the third class, I felt like a pro and that I belonged in the class. I was so comfortable in the class that I took picture of myself. Not only did I feel comfortable, but I was looking forward to the class on Thursday because that class was like my little get away from the stress of the world. And then the fourth class came I was happy and sad all at the same time. I was happy because I did not quit because of my fears and I was sad because it was the last class. During this class I noticed that I was really confident in myself, and even when I messed up (and I did) I did not feel like I was a hot mess; I stop watched and jumped right back into it.

So, what did I learn from attending the hip hop fitness class (taking a leap and doing something new)? I learned that walking by faith can feel scary, but my God did not give me a spirit of fear, but once you actually take that first step by faith that the fear will go. I also learn that I can do anything that I put my mind to, and that it is okay to be myself.  The first class that I attended I tried to dance just like to instructor of the class, but as I continued to go to the class I began to be myself. And when I was just me I had more fun in the class, then when I was trying to imitate the instructor. I learned that I just have to continue to move forward and not look back. Even though I am a little sad that I am not going to the hip hop fitness class anymore, I am so excited to attend my next fitness class-ZUMBA…..

Weight loss is a journey that is ever changing, and that somethings on this journey I can control but somethings may fall out of my control and that is okay. As long as I continue to move forward I will reach my weight loss goal (life goals). Please continue to travel with me on this up and down journey, as I continue to step out of my comfort zone. Please share your own personal journey. Until next time keep moving forward…….

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